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Answers to questions on Subtech Mfg.'s Drain Camera Equipment & Systems

What do I do if the video screen is not turning on ?


1. Check toggle switch on the rear of the monitor.

2. Check interface cord is connected securely from the reel to the monitor.

3. Make sure the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet (the AC wall adapter that came with the unit must be used, using an aftermarket plug will void the warranty and may cause major system damage).

4. Make sure the battery is fully charged if on battery power.

How do I operate and trouble shoot the WIFI transmitter built into the camera?

  • Power up the system, and on your personal device go to your wifi settings. Connect to WIFIAV-HD. Password: 12345678
  • Download the WIFIAV-HD application, and open the app.
  • You should see the camera feed on your phone within a minute or two. If you do not see the camera feed, power off your sewer camera. Disconnect the power source for at least 10 seconds. Close the application on your device. Re-connect the power source, turn camera on and start over from step 1.
  • Once you have the feed on your phone, you will see several options at the bottom of the screen. When using the screenshot or recording function of the app, the images will be saved to a cloud server for the application, or the transmitter itself. However, this function rarely works as it should. There is an easy solution that is much more effective. Once you have the feed on your personal device (phone/tablet), use your devices screen shot or screen record function. Using this method saves time, because the images are saved directly to the photo album of your personal device. This eliminates the need to email the images from the WIFI transmitter storage to your personal device. From there, texting images directly to your customer are possible, and uploading to your reports is very simple.


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